Antigone and Creon Essay

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Both Creon and Othello are burdened by the rules of their societies and much of their behavior is based on those rules. Creon is King and feels that he must act in a certain way to protect social and political order. Othello is a Moor, which makes him a cultural and social outsider in Venice. His behavior is ruled by the expectations put on him by society. He feels that he has to hide his intelligence as well as his eloquence in speaking due to society’s view of him as a simple warrior and being from a lesser race of people. Even in his victories he stands apart from the others, which I believe leads him to mistrust people at a deep level and feel inadequate. Creon is an artistic person who was forced into rule by the death of his brother and nephews. He has no interest in ruling and loves simplicity in his life. He does not enjoy ruling and does not want to punish Antigone for her crime. He feels that, as ruler, he must punish her if her crime is discovered and takes actions to cover up her burial of her brother. He does not want to be the villain in the demise of his family and wants Antigone to marry his son, Haemon, and produce heirs to the throne. He fears that she will be seen as a martyr if he punishes her and only wants to keep peace in his kingdom. If she is seen as a martyr, Creon will be seen as the evil ruler who forced her to be executed and history will not be kind to him. Antigone sees herself as the tragic heroine and is impulsive and stubborn. She refuses to see reason and demands that she get her way, thus forcing Creon to sentence her to death. Creon again begs Antigone to see reason and act in the best interest of Thebes, their country. Antigone refuses and Creon has no choice but to sentence her to death. Antigone is to be immured (enclosed in a tomb or a wall). Antigone is enclosed and the crowd hears moans from within her tomb.

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