Insanity And Insanity In Hamlet

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Thomas Machi Hamlet Essay- Topic #2 Insanity In Hamlet is a key theme. Hamlet is actually insane and lost his mind, and it is represented when Claudius marries his mother, when Hamlet kills Polonius, and the death of his mother. Those are the many reasons that represent Hamlets’ insanity. When Claudius marries his mother was the first reason why Hamlet started to loss his mind. Hamlet becomes really depressed and angry when he hears about the marriage and how it happened so shortly after his father’s death. “It will not speak, then I will follow it.” (Act 1 Sc 4 line 70). This is when the Ghost appears he decides to go after it without any fear at all, while all of his friends beg him not to go. Anybody in there…show more content…
Hamlet becomes upset and goes mad when he sees it isn’t the king. After He kills Polonius, he started to yell at his mother and starts hurting her. This is when the ghost appears and Hamlet is the only one to see it. His mother thinks he is crazy. That is when she says, “Alas, he’s mad” (Act 3 sc 4 line 121) When his mother is killed accidently by the king, Hamlet realizes something is up. All the death surrounding him has caused him to go completely insane and get revenge. He becomes mad and angry when at the king so he finally decides that to kill him for everything he did in his life. He also become mad at Leartes for plotting against him and killing him, and in his anger and insanity he kills him to. When the queen dies Hamlet screams, “O villainy,! Ho! Let the door be locked. Treachery! Seek it out!” (Act 5 sc 2 lines 342) Hamlet has lost his state of mind through out the play. Hamlet isn’t the type of person to take action as to kill a man, but the madness and unclear head as driven him to kill his many. He is insane and it is represented through the marriage of his mother, the death of Polonius and the death of his mother. Those are three reasons as to why Hamlet is

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