Hamlet’s Experience of Betrayal

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In “Hamlet” byWilliam Shakespeare, Hamlet experienced acts of betrayal by individuals in his inner circle and reciprocated with acts of revenge which ultimately resulted in his his death. In the novel, Hamlet, the main character was portrayed as an intelligent university student who returned home to attend his father’s funeral. The first incident of betrayal Hamlet experienced occurred when Claudius, Hamlet's uncle/stepfather /King, killed his father and took control effectively robbing Hamlet of the crown and the chance to be King. Hamlet adored his father and was devastated when his mother, Gertrude, had an incestuous relationship with his uncle who she married so quickly after his father’s death that ..the funeral baked meats…did furnish forth the marriage tables. 1.2.184-185. Hamlet is extremely displeased as he must now call his uncle, stepfather/King due to their ill conceived union...’you have deeply offended your father’ [she means Claudius] 3.4.9. Hamlet felt anger and resentment towards his mother who has not only betrayed him but also his father's memory in marrying a man inferior to his father. A man who he believed could not walk near his father’s footsteps ‘...To give the world a model man. This was your husband....what follows. Here is your husband like a contaminating growth.....what judgment would step from this [his father] to this? [His uncle]’ (3.4.60-90). He was very upset about their union especially as he considered it incestuous, so quickly after his father's death. ..She married! Oh such wicked speed! To hop so nimbly into an incestuous bed!’ (1.2.57) Hamlet shows his disgust towards Gertrude for her actions. “You cannot call it love…..when the compulsive ardour gives the charge…3.2.75-95. In addition, Claudius is again disloyal to Hamlet when he colludes with Laertes to kill him. Claudius’ alternate plan was for Hamlet to drink

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