Story Of An Hour

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ENC 1102 Short Story Outline The title of the story is “Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin. The story is about Mrs. Mallard hearing her husband’s death in a railroad accident by her sister Josephine. She was shocked and tearing were running down her face, so she went to her room to be alone. There she felt relief that her husband died. She was feeling free and joyful. When she came out of the room with her sister next to her side, she notices the front door opening. Surprisingly it was her husband Brently. After seeing her husband, Mrs. Mallard died from a sudden heart attack. This story takes in one place, and not much time passes in the story. It has a surprising ending because Mrs. Mallard dies at the end. The twist in this story is that the supposedly dead husband comes back home alive. I enjoyed the story because I didn’t expect the end to end the way it did. I learned that sometimes people don’t always seem the way they are outside. They could be crying and acting sad, but deep inside she’s totally opposite. The story is called “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner. This story is about Miss Emily Grierson. Her father never let her date when she was younger and after her dad passes away she still hasn’t found her man. After her father dies the mayor comes to her house to collect unpaid taxes but she tells him that she doesn’t owe any. She has a Negro man who did her chores around the town. One day she met a guy named Homer Barron, who was a Yankee and worked on the roads. She knew he would eventually leave someday but they starting seeing each other. Everyone in town thought they were going to get married. When Homer tried to leave the town because the roads were all done, she went to the drug store to buy arsenic for rats. People never saw Homer again and Ms. Emily started not coming out from her house. She got fat as she got older and
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