Essay On Atlantic Slave Trade

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The Atlantic Slave Trade Question: How does the absence of humanitarian concerns influence the treatment of slaves during the slave trade? Neglecting humane feelings is what influenced the terrible and horrid treatment to slaves during the slave trade. From beatings and whippings to breaking their bones, slaves were treated and considered inferior for no reason. After reading the documents, certain ones pointed out the outcomes of the absence of humanity. Document 7 reveals how these punishments were horrid and fear causing. Document 9, reveals how inferior they were treated and lost their freedom. Finally, Document 3 shows a clear image of how it all happened from capturing the Africans. All this harm done for thinking Africans don’t deserve any humanity at all. My first example on how deleting our humane feelings caused harm is Document 7 by James Ramsay called, “Essay on the Treatment and Conversion of African Slaves in the British Sugar Colonies”. The article speaks about the punishments done to slaves for misbehaving in their eyes and committing mistakes. The white men would beat them with sticks, breaking their bones, chain around their necks, etc. All this was done to cause fear within them. All these people thought since Africans are slaves, it’s okay to treat them as beasts. The cruel treatment they…show more content…
In the passage, it talks about how Africans lost their freedom and branded like cattle. It’s honestly dumb how back in the past and even today, you’re judged by color. For that same reason, it causes inferiority to the rest. The source also states how they’re stripped naked and imprinted on. People shouldn’t be abused of just because of the lack of human sympathy. This was a red flag on the treatment of
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