Analysis Of The Slave Community By John W. Blassingame

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Yesenia Y. Rios Reading Assignment Hist 1301 30 November 2011 The Slave Community Each author, John W. Blassingame, has a different point of view in which they want to catch your attention and change the meaning of what the book is really about. John W. Blassingame seems to be really interested and very descriptive over slavery life in the plantations. It takes a real person and a lot of courage to write and show the description of slavery. Not just anyone can give the same vivid description as he did, to explain how the environment and surroundings were. But what John W. Blassingame is really trying to do in this book is that slavery is so severe that it destroyed the ways the slaves lived and made them honor their masters. The book…show more content…
I have a feeling that most slave lives were mainly the same, except for when the slave masters had different races; this was rarely. I have previously read other slave books, and I really do not like reading and picturing descriptions on how slaves were treated and used. I get chills. I really feel bad for slaves, because they really did not have a choice in becoming a slave or not. If the person was told to be a slave, that person had to be a slave no matter what. The saddest part is when the decision was made of who was a slave, many families were torn apart. This was never to see your mom, dad, or siblings. Later in life, the slave would never know if they had the same master (slave owner) or lived in the neighbors. I cannot picture myself without my parents. Having to be with a stranger and having to obey what I am told. I would really not take any of his commands. I would rather…show more content…
Hearing about slaves is terrifying and is something. John W. Blassingame seems to be a great author but by reading only one book about him does not give me a full description about him. I really do not read a lot, and I do not have a favorite author. But one thing I know is that it would not be someone who writes about slaves, even though not all authors are against slavery. I do not like to get reminded of how dark and terrible slaves spent their pure life suffering by their cruel punishments like whipping or getting killed to stop the problem right away. Masters were so cruel. I do not understand what kind of heart God had them at birth. I wonder what thoughts masters had in mind during a torture of slaves. It was money and power that took over their minds. It was more of a completion of whom was at a higher level. It is very cruel of the masters to treat animals better than slaves. The masters are blind and do not want to see how productive slaves are and how an animal may just be wasting his time and money but never getting a positive outcome from that animal. Slavery should have never started in the first place. That is the reason slave owners gained power and dominance. I find it hard to believe that slavery

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