To Be A Slave: The Auction Block

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To Be A Slave This book was a little but more unique than the other books that people are reading. There is no set character, place or setting. All the stories are broken up into different categories like, "The Auction Block" chapter where the stories that are gathered are about the slaves and how they were sold and taken away from their family. The places where most of the stories occur are in the south, places like Texas, Louisiana and Virginia. I think the plot or lesson that the stories are trying to get across is that slavery was an extremely horrible thing. We are very lucky that slavery isn't around as much as it used to because all people are created equally, and everyone has their own rights. The part of the book that I found interesting was a story about a man after the Emancipation Proclamation was passed. Just for your information, the Emancipation Proclamation was a document that stated that…show more content…
One story that goes in depth about these things is about a slave who worked his way up towards a house-slave. These slaves got to stay in the house, and more often than not, these slaves would be REALLY hated by the other slaves. Anyway, this slave, even though a house slave didn't just betray his fellow slaves to the master. This slave self-taught himself to read so that whenever the master and another helper were talking, he could understand them. You see, whenever the master and someone else were speaking, and they didn't want the house slave to know, they would spell out whatever they're trying to say. Like for instance, one day, the master and someone else were talking about the slaves they were going to sell, so the master said, "We'll sell R-U-F-U-S". The slave heard this, and relayed the information to his fellow slaves so that Rufus could do something to prevent him from being
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