Why Did Slaves Have Different Experiences?

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Maisha Mostafiz Alam 9A Why did slaves have different experiences? Slaves had different experiences depending on their master. We can tell this by Olaudah Equiano. Olaudah was born around 1745 in Nigeria. He was enslaved in the Caribbean and America in the late 1700s. From America he was sold to a royal naval officer. With this master he travelled around the world on his ship. His master also taught him how to read and write. He was then sold to a captain in London, who sold him to a rich merchant in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean he worked in plantations where he was treated like other slaves were treated, even after being educated. He saw other slaves being tortured by his master- with iron muzzles (a machine that stops you from eating drinking and speaking), some slaves were also raped. Because his first master educated him he was able to save money and buy his freedom with that. We can also tell this by Ellen Craft. Ellen was born in the South of America from a slave mother and a master who was her father. She was treated really badly by her mistress-the master's wife. She was given as a wedding present to her half-sister at the age of 11 who treated her badly as well. This means that the master had an impact on the slave experience because it could determine whether or not you had a good experience. Olaudah, although still being a slave was well treated so he eventually bought his freedom. Whereas Ellen Craft was not treated well by her masters so she suffered from slavery. Slaves had different experiences depending on if they were captured or born into slavery. They also had different experiences depending on if they were a man or a women and where they worked. Olaudah was captured and he experienced the feeling of :being separated from his family, being sold like an object in an auction, loosing his name. Ellen Craft was born to slave mother and a
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