Narrative Life of Fredrick Douglass

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Victoria Woods United States History 2010 October 4, 2014 1. A. In parts of Maryland, slave mothers were customarily separated from their babies. To Frederick Bailey, why was this done? A: To Frederick Bailey slave mothers were separated from their babies to stop any type of affection the child had towards its mother. (42) B. After his mother was sent to a farm “a considerable distance off,” who were the 2 people who raised Frederick until he was about 5½ years old? 1B: After his mother was sent to another farm, Frederick was raised by his Aunt Hester and his grandmother Betsey Bailey.(44) 2. A. A mulatto is a person who is part black and part white. Prove that Frederick Bailey was a mulatto by identifying his parents. Identify/Who = more than a name. 2A: Frederick’s mother’s name was Harriet Bailey, and he thought that Aaron Anthony was to be his father even though he wasn’t certain. (42) B. As a mulatto, why was Frederick legally a slave? 2B: Frederick was legally a slave because he was not only born to a slave woman, but also because he was mixed. The fact that he was half black and half white. (43) 3. A.1. Though they lived in different places, what contact did Frederick have with his mother? 3A1: Frederick had very little contact with his mother. He only had seen her maybe four or five times. All the times being at night. (43) 2. What did Frederick and his mother do while they were together? 3A2: Frederick’s mother would come to his home at night and lay with him till he fell asleep. B. How old was Frederick when his mother died? (43) 3B: Frederick was only about seven years old when his mother passed away. (43) 4. WHY was a slave owner’s wife (his mistress) usually pleased when mulatto slaves were lashed? 4: A slave owner’s wife was happy when mulatto slaves were lashed because mulatto slaves were usually the sign of
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