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Slavery and the Making of America American has had slavery longer than it has not. Slavery is a major reason why America grew so fast and so big. The first slaves were brought to America as early as 1619. In New Amsterdam 11 black slaves were brought to assist those that settled in America. There were also indentured servants who pledged their servitude for seven years. These slaves and indentured servants were treated very poorly and were looked upon as beneath the common people. In 1624 the Dutch West India Trading Company set up a fur trade. The slaves that were brought to the new settlements were property of the trading company. These slaves were Atlantic Creoles, a mixture of African and European peoples. The treatment of these slaves…show more content…
All the crops that they planted never prospered and they didn’t know what to do. The blacks in that area were planting crops of rice and this was all that would grow. The settlers found out that rice crops would grow and it led to the influx of more and more blacks to handle the crops. Rice crops were one of the hardest to harvest. The slaves would be knee deep in swampy soil in the blistering sun harvesting all the rice. At this time slave trade became the basis of the trading company and it was essential to the growth of capitalism. During the sea voyage to the settlement, about one fourth to one third of the slaves did not make it alive. The slaves that died at sea would be thrown overboard by the trading company. The white settlers were bothered by this, not because it was inhumane or somehow inherently wrong, but simply because the slaves would wash up on shore and the smell was unfavorable to them. The slaves of this trading company were treated very poorly and the only thing to look forward to is a life of hard work, more bad treatment, and no hope for the sweet taste of freedom in what is now known worldwide as “The Land of the

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