Black Slave Holders Were Significant In The History Of Slavery Essay

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Jasmine Cross His 200 Dr. Tamaka Hobbs 25 March 2013 Chapter 6 Review Question 1. The domestic slave trade and exploitation of black women affected slave families because the marriage and children and the fact that they had no legal rights, and of course no freedom. The marriages never really worked with the slaves because they were just paired together , and then children would get parted away from their families like when they were 5 or so. Also sexual abuse played a huge roll in the black women from the white southerns. 2. Black Slave holders were significant in the history of slavery because slaves saw the slaveholder’s as kind of a sell out. But in all reality the slaveholders were actually protecting families and other African Americans from being sold. Black slave holders would purchase the black maybe relatives, or other’s who were going to get sold and some black slave holders did it for the money, or other…show more content…
Urban and industrial slavery differ from plantation slavery in the south because urban slavery and industrial slavery had different styles of doing things. Urban and industrial slaves worked for themselves, they were not really controlled, by whites and master, they earned their own livings. They mainly worked in factories and industries. Plantation slavery was different they worked under their master and they worked in fields, farms and estate’s. (69 words) 4. Between the 1820’s and 1860’s housing , nutrition , and diseases all had an large impact on the lives of slaves. Because of the horrible nutrition and houses and the disease , this was the early death of many slaves. Slaves would get diseases like sickle cells or small pox’s because of the weather in the south slaves didn’t , slaves didn’t eat very well , there bodies were not getting the correct nutrient it needed. And because of the poor sanitation that food and water were supplied in slaves had very bad housing. (95
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