Jim Crow: A Gruesome System Of Discrimination And Segregation

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Jim Crow was a gruesome system of discrimination and segregation in which blacks Americans were inferior to whites Americans. Jim crow was a way of life, rather than harsh anti-black laws. This was a way of life which represented blacks as second class citizens where separate did not always mean equal. The term Jim Crow derived from a man who entertained people by dressing up like a dark black man who performed a song and dance while acting like a buffoon. This exaggerated persona of blacks became the real interpreted version of black people. Jim Crow segregation was meant to separate blacks and whites completely which did and continues to have an abundance of effects. An effect of Jim Crow segregation is that whites benefited socially and economically. Another effect of Jim Crow segregation is that it hindered the black community from becoming successful which then caused a mainstream of violence to break out between blacks and whites. Jim Crow laws were very beneficial to white people. Jim Crow laws restricted white clients from receiving any kind of service from black…show more content…
Before Jim Crow, black people were receiving more rights then they had ever had in America. Jim Crow seemed to only be a setback for blacks. One damaging effect that Jim Crow had on the community was that it had a detrimental effect on the education of children, especially of those who lived in the south. The government completely neglected the educational needs of black children. Black schools consisted of poorly trained teachers, lack of supplies, and poorly constructed schools. This was an extreme disadvantage for black children. Most blacks were deprived of voting through legal maneuvering Again, Jim Crow seemed to have just taken away some of the freedom that for a short period, blacks felt like they had. With whites gaining more power and blacks being deprived of equal rights, violence
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