The South Social Economy 1900's to 1950's

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The South Socio- Economics Issues (1900-1950) The civil war between Northern and Southern parts of America occurred in 1800’s changing the social economics for the original old Southern America. The southern Socio- Economic issues: • The Southern economy was destroyed and had no concept and needed to be reconstructed in order to comply with the acceptance of new laws. • Once the southern was in ruins after being destroyed immigrants from the northern part of America began to come and take over and make money. • The higher class ‘plantation’ groups manners stereotype was broken due to the rough and lower class immigrants invading their land. • Black and white people were divided by politics. • This meant that Black people were treated with less care whilst white people were cared for more. • Barriers were put into place so that Black people couldn’t vote for a new power due to their lack of education. • Tension amongst black and white people turned to hatred causing black people’s opinions and views to be irrelevant to any subject. • Southern school for blacks were poor standards which resulted in black people not being educated enough to vote or work for a living. • Southerners and northerners refused to work alongside one another due to the stress and havoc of the Civil War • The plantation southern belle’s morals and beliefs had all changed so the social class fell. • Racism continued to increase in the southern rather than decrease causing backlash amongst the black citizens. • Black people began to blend in with social classes as they were not trapped anymore and were ‘free’. • Even though slavery was illegal, sly and unofficial slavery took place in order for black people to survive and live in both the south and north of America. • Money had to be spent to rebuild southern America due to the houses, factories, fields etc being
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