United We Stand Divided We Fall Analysis

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United we stand divided we fall” (Patrick Henerey). Before the American civil war ignited there were many reasons why American became DIDVIDED AS A COUNTRY. Some of these reasons were politics, and social classes, slavery and economics. These subjects caused tension between the north and the south. The northern states where anti slavery and the southern states were pro slavery. Because the south’s economic structure needed slaves for plantations and the north was more industrialized. slavery was frowned upon in the north .and in the south slavery was veiwed as a way of life .. As America expanded over time the two sides fought for power. Each side had their own beliefs about t slavery but no one could come to a compromise. Before the civil war abolitionists and activist in politics such as William Steward tries to expand the abolishing of slavery by saying s “the country is a theater that…show more content…
He argues that the value of a human life is freedom in the pursuit of happiness, Henery steward argues that the instition of slavery was wrong and that it is in humane and that Free states provide equal opportunities .However people from the south did not want slavery to end. Unlike the north, southerners had no foreign trade so their only means of economic structure was slavery. In document 81Hilton compares the social and economic conditions of slave owners to those of the poor whites had to work for a living .He also argues that not all people in the south was for slavery it was just the few with property. This idea of freedom and liberty was now being contradicted by the crude acts of slavery because blacks weren’t free but yet there were all these laws that protected the citizens of the United States. The United States was being built on the backbone of slavery but slaves were seen as property, even free blacks weren’t respected at the time because of the fugitive slave act created in the south. A southerner could go to the courts get a

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