Argument Against Slavery

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Mike Larson History 231 American Slavery In the early 1800’s slavery is the main topic of argument. One side of the story believes having slaves is wrong and no human, no matter what race; should be treateddifferent than another. On the other side the southerners think that Negros arebetter off under slavery. Each side has legitament reasons to believe what they think to be right. The northerners who live in a society that does not have slaves believe that every man has the right to be free, whereas the southerners do not agree and think that slavery is right; the Negros do not have the ability to fend for themselves and are better off under a master. Many people disagreeover this matter. People such as George Fitzhugh are confident…show more content…
People such as Theodore Weld believe that slavery conflicts with human rights, which every individual should receive. The Declaration of Independence states, “All men arecreated equal.” Therefore blacks should have the same opportunities as the white man. They should not be experiencing slavery just because of their skin color and because they are thought of as less of a man than the white race. No matter what the skin color a man is a man. Another man against slavery is Solom Northup, kidnapped in 1841 and had to serve as a slave for twelve years, he then managed to get a hold was of his friends who then arranged for his release. Northup experienced slavery first hand and in his memoir heexplains the horrors he saw. When the slaves are going to be examined by a customer it was called a “new lot” as if they are cattle or some sort of animal. “He would make us hold up or heads, customers would feel of our hands and arms and bodies, make us open our mouths and show our teeth, precisely as a jockey examines a horse he is about the barter for or purchase,” state Northup. According to Northup some slaves were even, “Stripped and inspected more minutely.” Slaves had no rights and this was no way to treat a human being. Blacks are not animals but humans and should not have to go through these barbaric routines. Northup told a story of how a little boy was separated for his mother and sister when a man bought the boy and even with the cries and begging from his mother would not buy them to. The mother of the boy even, “Promised in that case to be the most faithful slave that ever lived,”stated Northup. Slavery is wrong and should not be tolerated in

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