What Were the Features of the Position of the African Americans in 1950?

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Although the general position of the African Americans improved, there was still discrimination and segregation of the blacks as they were deprived of basic human rights. Issues like disfranchisement, racism, racial hatred groups and segregation prohibited Black equality. In 1950s segregation existed everywhere in America. In the south it was de jure and in the North de facto. In the South segregation was supported by the Jim Crow laws that made it legal. All public institutions in the South were separated according to skin colour, the ones for blacks being inferior in quality. In the north, where segregation wasn’t imposed by law, the blacks were forced to move into ghettos, because of discrimination by the whites. As well as that, there was also economic inequality. It was much harder for blacks to get a job, and there employment position could be described as ‘the last to be hired, the first to be fired’. African Americans faced discrimination almost in every job, and they earned less, often due to the poor educational opportunities. The voting rights were different in the North from the South. In the North, almost all African Americans could vote. In the South however, the blacks were disfranchised, since the state governments introduced literacy tests, tests on the knowledge of constitution and Poll taxes, which African Americans had trouble with, because of poor education and financial problems. Both created through discrimination and racism. Racial hatred groups such as the Ku Klux Klan still existed. They advertised violent treatment of African Americans, and often engaged in violent activities themselves. Blacks were often beaten or killed by members of such hate groups. A large proportion of the police consisted of racist whites. This resulted in unfair charges against African Americans, and the blacks were generally more likely to be arrested than
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