Victimization Of Slavery In The 1800s

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HistorySlavery was an institution that victimized as well as other cultures due to being in a controlled environment. Every suffered in their own way due to racial prejudice and fear of growing numbers. Masters which were also called Slave "owners" believed that treating another human being of another color like an animal was right. The children of the slave owners were being victimized as well due to following what their parent’s doings were right in treating another human being in such a manner. Slavery was so victimized that it still affects the society to the extent that black people blame the whites , and white people still agree that black people need to be slaves. Until this day there is some sort of prejudice and rivalry due to different…show more content…
One of things that were mentioned is “the heartless and ghastly form of slavery rises between mother and child.” Pg 45 Slaves were separated since the moment they were born, they did not get be around their parents and bond as other kids do. “The bondwoman lives as a slave, and is left to die as a beast.” “By the laws of slavery, children, in all cases are reduced to the condition of their mothers.” Pg 46 “This arrangement admits of the greatest license of brutal slaveholders , and their profligate sons, brothers, relations and friends, and gives pleasure of sin, the additional attraction of profit” pg46 It seems like they were dead to all sense of humanity the slaves were fighting for survival that was impossible. They were suffering from immoral economic advantages due to the slave owners and that caused the entire community to suffer by accepting what others believed was right. Everyone was victimized due to their human life and dignity it damaged society spiritually and morally. It made some slave holders and their overseers brutal, it made other white people feel guilty and ashamed. Slavery was a moral sickness upon the

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