Benefits of Slavery and Hardships of Freedom

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Benefits of Slavery and Hardships of Freedom The abolition of slavery was undoubtedly the most important outcome of the Civil War. After years of being bought and sold like property, and treated so inhumanely, blacks were finally granted their freedom. The news came as a surprise both to slaves and slave owners. Both sides were so unprepared for this change that, for a long time, blacks continued to work as slaves due to the fear of being hurt by their former owners when the soldiers were not around to enforce the new law. Former slave owners as well kept doing things the same way they were before the abolition of slavery. The slaves were very confused about what freedom was and who was free. This confusion and uncertainty forced the slaves to act with caution when it came to claiming their freedom or even acting or speaking like free people. Doing so could cost a slave their life. Much violence and abuse was seen during this time of uncertainty. Slave owners treated slaves even worse than before due to the way they had “misbehaved” during the time the Yankees were present to oversee that the slaves were actually being freed. After a long period of confusion and denial, the slave-owning families finally surrendered their human property, although they did not surrender their ideas of superiority, thus creating a racism barrier between themselves and the community of blacks that was once their property. When the news of the abolition of slavery came to the slaves, they celebrated like they never celebrated anything before. Their prayers had been answered and they were now free men. They were humans among humans. They would now be able to enjoy the rights they never had and enjoy the things they were deprived of. As working citizens, former slaves could now earn money and spend money, which in turn would help boost the economy. All these benefits of being a free man
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