the middle passage for slaves

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Explain why the middle passage was such a miserable experience for slaves / what the conditions like on board the ships were? Introduction: The middle passage was the voyage from Africa to the West Indies. Where the slaves would have been packed into slave ships which happened in Africa. They would have had to endure the harsh treatment given to a slave on the voyage, which could have lasted from 6 to 11 weeks depending on how long the voyage took. The reason it got called the middle passage was that it was the second part of the triangular trade; this is where Britain would have taken goods over to Africa to exchange them for slaves they would have exchanged such things as guns and also iron. After the British had got their slaves they would then have been transported over to the West Indies and sold for goods such as sugar, cotton and tobacco which would be sold back in the UK and Europe. The middle passage was such a miserable experience as slaves as they got treated horrendously through violence, the living conditions, physical health and their emotional health was affected by their experiences on the slave ships. Main Part: The experience of the middle passage affected slave’s physical health which in turn affected their emotional health. The slave’s physical health was affected substantially as there would have been a serious lack of fresh air below deck; this caused a stench to form. The stench was caused by the poor sanitation as the slaves were so cramped together that caused their chains to rub against each other. This then caused wounds to form on each slave which would have became inflamed and cause them pain; or worse the wounds became infected with disease to them because of the lack of sanitation. With the lack of nutrition the wounds wouldn’t heal as quickly as they

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