Triangular Slave Trade

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Triangular Slave Trade . The Triangular Trade is a route that recieved slaves. The " Triangular Slave Trade " Got it's name from the three routes that formed a triangle. The " Triangular Slave Trade " took place in the sixteenth century up to the nineteenth century. The first part of " The Triangular Slave Trade " route which was the voyage from Europe to Africa . Africans and Europeans slave traders bought enslaved Africans in exchanged for goods shipped from Europe .The second part of the " Triangular Slave Trade " was the voyage from Africa to America . This was often called " The Middle Passage " . This was the part of the triangle where enslaved Africans were forced and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the American people. The Africans that were sold were to work on plantations . The third and final part of the triangular trade was the return voyage from " The Americans to Europe ". Slave ships returned to Europe which carried fish, lumber, and other goods from New England to the West Indies. In the West Indies they picked up sugar and molasses which is a dark brown syrup product made from sugar cane. This was used to make rum. From the West Indies merchants carried the rum, along with guns, gunpowder, and tools to West Africa. they traded their items for slaves, they carried the slaves to the West Indies where they were sold. Traders would take the profits and buy more molasses. The trip was horrible. Many of the people died of diseases and were thrown overboard . People were packed like animals and had to watch others die and suffer many of them could have been family member or maybe even friends. They did not know where they were going and many decided to fight or even kill themselves. The ships carried much more people than they were made for. The slaves were given very little food during the trip. But,

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