Where Is the Dignity in Slaves

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Where is the Dignity in Slavery? History has a deeper meaning than just facts. The repetition of the same knowledge of history learned is not to make sure that we know the correct dates but to understand why the past and current events happen. There is a psychological meaning to human nature in the past and how it was affected by society, and still is today. Slavery, which was a major uproar from colonial America to the civil war, is the racial epidemic of the enslavement of people for money and cheap labor with extensive abuses. The question that could be asked is were the slaves dignified, did they still keep their dignity? The word dignity is the conducting of self-respect as a person sees himself or herself rather than, how others perceive that person. Slavery has been around for years and slaves have been treated unfairly for countless of reasons and situations. Did they still keep their self-respect? Self-respect goes a long way and can only be determined by their actions that were put fourth throughout history. The answer to this question can only be based on the history of the African diaspora as a whole rather than a single person’s African American history. Most slaves did maintained their self- respect; they still knew who they were and where they came from. As a result of attempting to uphold their self-respect, many slaves rebelled and ran away, they refused to be treated in such a manner. History involves the learning of the past. In general, history is learned starting from elementary school to when one stops attending school. So it would not be a shock to society that, slavery did exist. This essay is not written to inform one of the events that took place and to teach of what has been taught previously, but it is written to show readers the economical and psychological background of that era to determine if slave still kept their dignity.

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