Reparation For Slavery

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Reparation Reparation for slavery is a proposal that there should be some type of compensation provided to the descendants of enslaved people in the United States. This is in consideration of the uncompensated labor their ancestors had to perform over the centuries. This proposal has been proposed in many different forms in ways relating to independence. This idea is still a highly controversy and there is idea of how it can be implemented. Some countries would like this reparation due to their loss of population as well. Africa isn’t the only place for slaves, but Africa will be most focused on. There were three types of slavery. These would include: indigenous, Arab/Indian Ocean, and Atlantic trade. The Atlantic slave trade was the most…show more content…
One case would be the European men would go and be with African women. You would never see European women with African men because only the European men would go to Africa. Gun and gunpowder also had an impact on the slave trade because it was traded to Africa. Racism would be one main impact. There would be holding and selling of Africans as slaves. Some people had thought they were fit to be enslaved. There was a ranking of importance and white men would be first, then white women onto African men, and last African women. There was no respect for any Africans. They had a struggle of being called Mister or Miss, they had struggles getting into school, and also had a struggle of getting into political roles. My personal opinion would be that the Africans should receive some type of reparation. From my understanding, African Americans were supposed to receive reparation years ago. They were supposed to receive forty acres a mule, but President Andrew Johnson vetoed it in the end after it passed through both houses. I feel as if this were unfair. After so many people had voted to pass this, one person, being the President, ruled against it and the African’s received…show more content…
They were kidnapped from their country. They were forced to come over to America and live in a foreign area. Finally, my last reason is because after the Africans were free, they were still treated with cruelty. The beatings were continued as well as the killings. They were still looked down upon and never were compensated for all of the things they had to deal with. Although in the current time, the Africans living now were not the ones to be enslaved, but I still feel like they need to be compensated because although they didn’t go through slavery, their ancestors did and they are affected by it this very day. Their ancestors were never repaid for all the things they had dealt with and some Africans are still treated with a bit cruelty by Americans. In the end, I strongly feel as there should be some compensation given to the African American’s. Out of all the horrible things they have had to deal with, I think we at least owe them a bit of reparation. If we give them some type of compensation I feel as if they would be greatly appreciative. Slavery is done and over with but some people may never let you forget about it. I feel as if we gave some reparation it would be an acceptable apology because we would have at least done something to try to make things

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