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DBQ on the Challenges of the Virginian Colony Over the course of the seventeenth century the English colony of Virginia was faced with numerous hardships. Between having to face illnesses, and the homesickness of staying in America, and more there are many who had to go up against worse. Morale at the colony became increasingly negative by the early year of 1623 with breakouts of new diseases. The Main challenges faced by the Virginia tribe were sickness, living sustainably in the Americas, and surviving against hostile groups in the area. Sickness was a huge problem faced by the colonies around the year of 1623. A letter by Richard Frethorne written to his parents describes the poor conditions at the time. He wrote that “causeth much sickness [including] the scurry and [dysentery] and diverse other diseaeser, which maketh the body very poor and weak”. This document accurately sums up that during this time the numbers of the Virginia colony were weakened greatly by the numerous plagues taking effect on the settlers. Another source writes of the sickness making cultivating the farmland impossible. He says that “We are in great danger for our plantation is very weak by reasons of death and sickness”. This means that means of true recovery were impossible, even the sick had to work in the fields but the numbers were not enough to provide food for the colony. Overall the sickness in the area was an unbelievable hardship at the time. Living continuously and being healthy in the area became more of a hardship around the same time as the sicknesses started increasing. Though normally a sustainable lifestyle in America is very easy because of the many lands suitable for cultivation, the recent events of the colony made it impossible to work the lands. Richard Frethorne describes the food: “A mouthful of bread must serve our men which is pitiful”. A recent scientific

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