Letter To Olaudah Equiano

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Olaudah Equiano Being a crew member of the Dutch Ship had its good and bad times. When we arrive in Africa to pick up the slaves it was a numerous amount of them. They look very different from us they had very dark rough looking skin while our skin was nice, white and silky feeling. Their hair was very short nappy and not in good condition where our hair is long straight and have a soft feeling. Most of them were skinny and look very unhealthy their clothes look like they were made from rags it was just dreadful. I was disgusted by their appearances. The language they spoke was so different from ours I could hardly understand it. It were many slaves that we had no choice but to put them on deck which by the way is the worst part of the ship to stay. As days grew longer and the nights grew more mournful the weather started to get really bad. First the weather will be nice than it rains, than we’ll have a big storm out of nowhere. The storms…show more content…
Others of them die from either suffocation from being very crowded or starvation. After we had to throw all the deceased slaves overboard because was sicken. That night I will never forget it I wish I could help these people but I just don’t have to power to do so if I would help them I would got in trouble by the captain and everybody would have thought am a negro lover. When we finally reached to our destination the slaves were getting sold off their families were splitting apart young children were being taken away from their own mothers it was just a painful and mournful thing to watch. Well after my crew and I left I thought about my family and how I will feel if they were ripped apart from and when I got back home to my beautiful wife and children I decided to be anti-slavery and to never do another journey like that again. That journey change my perspective and my life. That was my experiences on that

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