The Role of Nature: the Backbone of Character Emotion Essay

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In Djanet Sears’ play The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God, the role of nature ultimately serves as a source of deliverance to the characters. Evidently, the role of nature is a vital factor in the play from the beginning in the prologue when “Lorraine (RAINEY) Baldwin-Johnson stands alone. Her face [is] wet with sweat and rain, masking her tarnished beauty… The CHORUS slowly sings the sound of heavy rain pounding on the dark and deserted country road” (Sears 3). Just as a healer redeems one from his/her transgressions, so too does the heavy rainfall towards Rainey. The author uses the archetype of rain, which exudes to the reader the representation of security and redemption she experienced early on. A person’s lack of knowledge and ignorance can serve as a barrier towards their ability to survive. In the novel, it was very evident that a thorough knowledge of Aminata’s surroundings slightly beneficial on her journey to freedom. As the Americans brutally stripped the dignity when put in conditions, mentally African people were broken down. When Aminata witnessed the horror of her people “On their rough planks” and how “they had no room to sit.” (Hill 63) Some were lying on their backs, others on their stomachs” (Hill 64), the dehumanizing inequality of the people is clear as they were stripped of their rights to living life rightfully. Solidifying themselves as ultimate, American forces limited hundreds of slaves to a state of mind that left some like Fomba “unspoken, and gone mentally departed.” (Hill 66 ). Aminata Diallo, the main character of the novel was forced to adapt to a language and intellectual freedrom that was limited. “I was never to look a buckra in the eye after he spoke to me, nor act like I knew more than him. It was equally foolish to act stupid” (Hill 124) she was told by Georgia. Her owner and master Robinson Appleby would

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