Frederick Douglass An American Slave Narrative Essay

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave Chapter 1 quote 1: “I had therefore been, until now, out of the way of bloody scenes that often occurred on the plantation.” (Douglass, page 21) The basic standpoint on this quote is that he is explaining how he tries to avoid all confrontation on the plantation as much as possible, so he will not become a part of it. For example, he talks about how stayed on the opposite side of the plantation to avoid that kind of stuff. When he first saw it, it was all new to him so he was petrified. Another example is how in shock he was when he saw his master whipping his aunt. Anyone could tell by the way he spoke that that is a sight he wishes he could take back. Avoiding confrontation while living on the plantation will keep him out…show more content…
His master enjoyed hurting the slaves, which is what he hated the most. He loved getting food and clothes, but his master hated giving that stuff up. This went for slaves at almost all plantations, unless you were lucky enough to get a master who treated you better than most did. Sadly, he didn’t get treated as well as some slaves did at other plantations. Chapter 7 Quote 7: “Slavery soon proved its ability to divest her to these heavenly qualities” (Douglass, Page 43) In this quote its explaining how his mistress was a very good person to the poor and then when slavery started it stopped her from being able to do good deeds. He is explaining how selfish slavery is and how unfair it is that his mistress can’t do good things for un lucky people all because slavery begun. Slavery wasn’t fair to any colored Americans, especially for ones like her. Chapter 8 Quote 8: “We all felt that we might as well be sold at once to the Georgia traders, as to pass into his hands; for we knew that that would be our inevitable condition-a condition held by us all in the utmost horror and dread.” (Douglass, Page

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