Were Freedmen Better Off Than Slaves?

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Were Freedmen Better off than Slaves? What was the daily life of slaves and how were they treated? What about freedmen? Slaves are also human like the owners, but why are they treated differently? The beginning of slavery began as punishments for crimes in Africa, leading to Europe wanting them. Which also lead to the United States also wanting them because of economic problems which started the triangular trade. Free slaves came to happen because of the Confiscation Act of 1862, but even when freed, they were still discriminated and lacked choices to choose from to live their lives. Also, the freed slaves didn’t know what to do to survive on their owns. Slaves were better off than freedmen because they had food and shelter, some slave owners were kind to the slaves, and slaves knew what they had to do. First of all, slaves lived a better better life than freedmen because they had food and shelter. One type of slaves called the domestic slaves lived in the plantation homes, while the other type of slaves lived in small shacks with dirt floor or no furniture. Although domestic slaves lived in better conditions than plantation slaves, they still had shelter and received food. Meanwhile, the freedmen were homeless with little to no possessions; food were hard to acquire with no money. Especially since freedmen didn’t have many choices to choose from for jobs and they were low pay jobs. Secondly, slaves masters were sometimes nice to their slaves, while freedmen were being treated like trash. Freedmen were hated by the slave owners as a group in the south, while in the north, freedmen were disliked as an individual. Slaves were just liked or disliked depending if they worked hard and correctly. Sometimes slaves were allowed to go travel with their masters while freedmen had to earn money by getting jobs, but they were clueless on what to do. Plantation slaves
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