Dessire's Baby

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Deesire’s Baby Racism has been and is a cancer in most societies around the world. This kind of discrimination brings a lot of pain and sorrow between “different” people. This is what happens in the short story “Désirée’s Baby” by Kate Chopin. In the story, Armand Aubigny a master slave-owning, gets married to a foundling girl named Désirée. They a beautiful baby and are full of happiness and pride. However, all this dream-like life comes to an end when Aubigny notices that the baby’s skin is becoming darker. This situation really disappoints Aubigny since he hated black people. As a result of his racism many negative consequences appeared in their lives namely: Aubigny’s change of manner toward his wife and child, Aubigny’s treatment to his slaves and the discovery of his real origin. The first negative consequence was Aubigny’s change of manners toward Désirée and their baby. Aubigny’s fiery temper had changed after his marriage and even more after the baby’s birth. He was always happy and very proud of his child. Moreover he did not even punish one of his slaves as he used to do. But when the baby started to show physical features of black ancestry supposedly inherited from his mother, Aubigny began rejecting them both. His rejection was very noticeable in everyone of his actions. For instance he spoke to her while looking somewhere else and what is more he was never at home and was always avoiding them. Désirée perceived this changed and all the love that she used to see in his eyes had disappeared. As seen above, Aubigny’s vehement rejection of his wife and baby was really perceptible. Another awful consequence was the brutal treatment that Aubigny gave to his slaves. After realizing about his baby’s skin color, Aubigny gave an inhumane treatment to his slaves. Aubigny fiery temper had returned but in a worse way. This situation not only
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