500 English Sentences

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The negotiated agreement included a limited endorsement by Scott. The limited endorsement meant that Scott would only endorse the changes that were implemented in the book. The endorsement will be communicated on a separate page under the title “To the Readers”. After reading the role of Mr. Honda, I felt that Mr. Honda didn’t have a BATNA which made me, from the very beginning, search for mutually beneficial options. I understood that although Mr. Honda’s position was to convince Scott to endorse the entire book, his primary interests were to please the Board of Education by obtaining Scott’s endorsement and to avoid insulting the original authors. Scott’s position, on the contrary, was to not endorse the book which would have disrespected the Board and the original authors. During the initial negotiation discussions, I focused on determining Scott’s interests and found that he did not want to endorse the book because he felt that he would put his reputation on the line by endorsing something that was not correct. Furthermore, he felt that he was not given credit for the work that he had performed. As I was learning about Scott’s interests, I also explained my interests to Scott. I didn’t reveal all of my interests as I was not sure if Scott would use those against me. After knowing Scott’s interests, it was clear to me that he would not endorse the entire book. I knew that I had to make a concession. Hence, I introduced the option of limited endorsement which led to negotiation on the definition of limited endorsement and how it will be communicated to the readers of the book. The limited endorsement option made my negotiating partner curious and made her ask questions. At this stage, I knew that no more big concessions were required and that an agreement could be reached. My counterpart’s only request was that Scott’s endorsement should be clearly reflected
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