Charles Murray's Essay 'Should The Obama Generation Drop Out?'

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The Art of Writing It is easy to agree on a the definition of writing if we limit it to something simple like “putting pen to paper” or even “typing ideas into a computer”. Now, if one looks more closely at the elements of writing with more depth, the definition is brought to life and that is what effective writing is all about. Whether it is a poem, speech or even in this case, a particular essay, one can determine whether a passage is true art or possibly just entertainment. The following essay “Should the Obama Generation Drop Out?” by Charles Murray is a perfect example of a non-effective essay. Although Murray indicates valid points throughout his essay, it lacks a sense of coherence and sadly does not follow proper use of rhetorical…show more content…
In this particular case, Murray does a great job sharing personal experiences upon his argument of whether there should be more vocational schools and stop using a college degree as a requirement for jobs, but stands defenseless due to the omission of statistics where only one statistic stands to defend his position. In Anglesey’s article “How Can I Incorporate Evidence into My Paper” she states that “[one needs] the author’s expertise to solidify [their] claim” which Murray does not do successfully in his paper, which ultimately weakens the evidence Murray can provide to specify his opposition and argument. Moreover, the type of evidence Murray could have recognized to portray a logical standpoint would have been to include facts of pursing high educational degrees and comparing them to those individuals searching for jobs without an efficient education. Also, including data of how past and present years have on individuals with the qualifications of education end of pursing high paying jobs. Murray could have went in so many directions rather than just providing one fact and relying on the rest of his essay on personal

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