Article Summary: Is Google Making USupid By Nicholas Carr

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Cody Janowski 12/2/10 English Comp Assignment 4 The Internet has undoubtedly changed the way people live their lives. Any information we could possibly want- and more- is at our disposal, and has made life for us incredibly convenient and easy; some, however, might say too easy. One of these people is Nicholas Carr, author of the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” featured in the July/August 2008 edition of The Atlantic. Carr argues that the Net seems to be slowly demolishing our abilities to concentrate on one subject, as well as contemplate information, based on the ease of access to everything the Internet provides today. I agree with Carr to an extent; however I would say that his theory most certainly does not apply to everyone.…show more content…
His primary arguments seemed to be examples of his own difficulties. He states “Immersing myself in a book or a lengthy article used to be easy…That’s rarely the case anymore.” He continues to write of how his mind starts to wander after a few pages, and he looks for something else to do; reading has become a struggle. Carr says the culprit is the Internet itself, basing his accusation on how in today’s society we can obtain information after just a few minutes on the Net. The media today has started to give us information in as limited amount of words they can allow, so we as users can skim the information we desire then move onto the next sliver of info. He believes our minds have been altered to expect all information the way the Net hands it out: “in a swiftly stream of moving particles,” as he put it. The author admits that the advantages of the internet are great, but believes they come at a great…show more content…
An ongoing story throughout his article was that of a near-blind writer that needed an alternative from ink and paper to save his vision. Friedrich Nietzsche was the name. The man bought a typewriter, and quickly mastered it so as to not need to use his vision to write anymore. Soon enough, some acquaintances noticed a change in the style of Nietzsche’s writing. He agreed with his friend, and said under the sway of the machine, he “changed arguments to aphorisms, from thoughts to puns, from rhetoric to telegram style.” The story suggests that the Internet isn’t the sole reason for changing the way of thinking, but possibly technology in general. To go along with this thought, Carr also mentions how television, magazine, and newspaper ads have started using our new methods of absorbing information to create a compact and to-the-point advertisement design, further proving how our mind states have been

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