Fox And Fumia Critical Analysis

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Critical Analyze Paper Families have changed dramatically within the past decade. Before the nuclear family consisted of working father, a stay at home mother and their children. However this concept has been taking for granted. At the present, families are recreating themselves. They are no longer following the traditional way of the family life; rather they are made of different groups with various roles. In this paper, I will be reviewing the work of Bonnie J. Fox and Doreen Fumia titled Pathbreakers: Some Unconventional Families of the Nineties to analyze how the make-up of the family changed. I will also be go over Fox and Fumia’s piece of writing to distinguish the reliability of their study. In the article, Fox and Fumia interviewed…show more content…
Fox and Fumia commented that “the source of the stress on families is clear: economic changes have undercut the gendered division of labour on which nuclear families were built” (pg.458). They state that the government has cut back a lot of money that helped the working family, writing “cutbacks in social services generally have increased families (i.e. women’s) responsibilities for providing care for dependants” (pg.458). Fox and Fumia do not base their arguments on any research that they have conducted. Rather they are basing their facts on controversial issues. Granted this might be the reasons families have changed, but Fox and Fumia should have conducted their own research on this subject matter to make their article more reliable. Interviewing several families, does not proof why the constructions of families have differed from the traditional family. Further, none of the families interviewed by Fox and Fumia held the government liable for their new way of life. They simply choose this way of life, because it suited them the best. Another issue with the article was that Fox and Fumia interviewed a group of whites that were from the Greater Toronto Area. They might have been from different social classes, but that they do not account for the majority of population. To establish a notable work, the authors should have interviewed people from all around the country that were from different racial groups. Although, Fox and Fumia admit that these samples of families only account for themselves, they should have made their work more
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