David Foster Wallace Snoot Analysis

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I am a visual and kinesthetic learner. Understanding how mechanical, electric, and physical mechanisms work is a unique talent I possess. Math comes easy to me, as does the majority of any visual lesson where my intellect may benefit. So how does this apply to me being a SNOOT? I often become a SNOOT when I observe ignorance in an individual trying to fix something. Frustration ekes from my dialogue and facial expressions. I find it particularly odd that others don’t perceive things as I do. Perhaps my perception correlates with the fact that I am left handed – something to do with the primary use of the opposite hemisphere of my brain in comparison to the majority of the world’s population. How, then, do I manifest myself as a SNOOT? I correct people; I sometimes may make them feel incompetent. I can’t help that I am more intellectually inclined in a particular element of life than most individuals.…show more content…
I am simply attempting to imitate the actions of a “SNOOT” that David Foster Wallace has attempted to incorporate into the English language. At the same time, I am unlike David Foster Wallace in that his made up word essentially represents his literary virtuosity and intellect. Although I display prowess in the kinesthetic world, I struggle to produce exceptional work in my writing. Because Wallace presents himself and his intelligence in such a confident way, it appears that writing flows effortlessly from his fingers. Even reading the work he has produced is intimidating in itself. Watching This is Water provides an interesting insight into Wallace’s character. He is very perceptive. He understands humor, strong “down to earth” analogies, and shows clear delivery in his work. While reading his work I feel that Wallace displays arrogance, but after hearing his presentation I see that he reflects a great amount of talent and intellect in the literary

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