Reliable Sources Worksheet: What's 'Critical Thinking'

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Associate Level Material Appendix J Reliable Sources Worksheet Locate two sources in the University Library on a topic of your choice. Provide the required information for both sources. Source 1 * Author: Dr. Ibrahim Abu Shihab Date: 6/24/2012 Title: Reading as Critical Thinking Publication: march 30, 2011 * Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: * Is the source reliable? How do you know? Yes the source is very reliable. While reading the material there was a lot of different references to his opinions and views and the process of reading as critical thinking, also citing other authors, He really stressed the importance of a personal ability to learn, confidence to learn, think…show more content…
Yes, the information was very relevant to the topic. It provided a lot of different ways to approach critical thinking while reading. It shows that a person must be assertive, open minded, ability and willingness to think critical while reading materials and papers. What I liked the best about it was taking the time while reading to stop and analyze the writing and think about the subject so you have a better understanding of it. The information really stayed on topic while all the different views of the reading, it’s really showed how critical thinking while reading is very important Does the information reflect a bias on the author’s part? If so, what is the bias? No I don’t think the information has any bias on the author’s part at all. The information was very Informative citing other author’s when making references and staying on track with the subject. I think this whole subject and paper was written with facts and no personal biases were added. It was written from studies instead of opinions. He also talked about how two different people from different back grounds brings their own knowledge to learn from each other without having any personal biases involved, In my own opinion this material shows that people from different backgrounds can work together through critical thinking can leave personal biases…show more content…
The reason I believe it is, is because of the material we have been studying over the past couple months in class and has had the same information and views as the material we have studied. I’ve also done a separate search via Google search engine and other internet search engines and they all provided the same information and author of the material. I’ve also noticed that the material has been copy written and it’s unlawful to change, manipulate or copy the original material in anyway Is the information relevant to the topic? Yes it’s very relevant to the topic. It explained the different ways that critical thinking is used in both are every day and academic lives, also it talked about the way an individual may react in a different situation when it comes to critical thinking, For example, in an academic setting a person is going to think about an answer or question so they can provide a more detail and accurate answer, before answering and asking. It a more social setting a person might take lesser time before reacting to the question or discussion he or she is involved in. Does the information reflect a bias on the author’s part? If so, what is the

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