Critical Thinking Application Paper

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Critical thinking application paper Betty Dessecker MGT/350 Santosh Tolani Critical thinking is helpful when making informed and important decisions. However, not everyone is in tune with using critical reasoning. Some people choose to make their decisions based on fallacies or biased opinions. And the individuals that choose to think critical use this to make most of their decisions. Examples include educational or career choices. By not thinking carefully, people can make decisions right on the spot, and possibly regretting it in the in the future. Critical thinking teaches individuals to think on their own and to form their own opinions based on factional information, reasoning, and support. (Critical thinking community, 2011.) Critical thinking allows people to perform better while at work, school, or at home with their families. Critical thinking also allows you to view a problem or issue from all angles to get the solution to the problem. People that use critical thinking have many different skills. First, is rationality, critical thinkers will use logic and reason rather than to make a decision on emotions. They also require sound proof evidence, instead of going by someone’s word of mouth. Next is self-awareness, critical thinkers use this to weigh the influence of motives and bias opinions (Critical thinking community, 2011.) Finally, critical thinkers are known to have an open mind. This is so they can consider all view points and possibilities. Critical thinking is not easy; this technique has different elements involved. These include knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Knowledge is gathering all the information needed. Comprehension is then used to make sure you know and fully understand all the information and material that is being presented. The
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