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3.1.Evaluate own knowledge, performance and understanding against relevant standards. Once I have analysed the demands and expectations of my job role, the next step is to consider what I can already do and which areas I may further need to develop. This learning outcome looks at how I might evaluate my own performance and how I might use feedback to inform me. It is important to think abut what I can do already and which areas I need to develop further. To do this I can ask for feedback from advisers or assessors. I also need to find ways of evaluating myself. Responding to feedback one of the ways in which I can evaluate my current state of knowledge and performance is by asking others for feedback. This is important because it can be hard to be objective about your own performance. Also I may lack skills or knowledge to be aware of what else you should be doing or other ways in which I might work. Feedback may come from a variety of sources, including parent and colleagues as well as early year’s advisers. For this qualification, I may also be given feedback from my assessor Joy. Feedback works best if I trust the people it comes from and if they feel that they can give me an honest view. It is a skill in itself to be able to listen to feedback carefully without becoming defensive. It is often easy to begin to defend the reasons why I do things, but the key is to remember that the focus is on improving performance. It is my responsibility to ensure my knowledge and skills are up to date. It is important to regularly attend training and refresher courses such as First Aid, health and safety training. Legislations and procedures are constantly changing and it is important to maintain your knowledge and keep it correct. I am responsible for the children hygiene and to keep them healthy, to respect the safety rules and to prevent and avoid the dangerous
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