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Assignment # 304 Task A - Supervision Session Notes Ai. Duty of Care is the term given to define our action as carers, in its basic form it regulates the way in which we deliver the support required to our service users. We as carers have a duty to care for the service users, by delivering our services to the best of our abilities, which allows their dignity and well-being to be paramount. Our employer also has a duty of care to us and other staff members, to ensure that working conditions are safe, and suitable to deliver a service to the service users. Aii. Duty of Care affects our work in that we are expected to deliver care to the service users safely; we should therefore ensure that the basics are covered, such as cleaning our hands prior to work and ensuring that we wear the provided safety and protection equipment like gloves and aprons. Our employer is also to ensure that we undertake all the required training prior to delivering the care support. We should also ensure that we are up-to-date in the skills required from a training perspective. Aiii. Within our organisation, duty of care means that our employer, the agency has a duty to look after us, by that I mean ensuring that we receive the necessary training prior to carrying out our duties and that we are regularly briefed about changes to regulations. The agency is obliged to ensure that we have all the necessary information, training, instruction and supervision to prepare us to deliver the care to the service users. Aiv. Duty of Care contributes to safeguarding individuals by obligating a level of care towards them as is reasonable in all circumstances to avoid injury to either themselves or their property. It is supported by the health and safety act and the health and social care act. By following their guidance we will ensure that we abide by the social care workers code of

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