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Assignment 304 Ai The term “duty of care” is used in the care setting to refer to the working practice of the support staff. This means that they must do what they can to keep the individuals they are supporting safe and well whilst ensuring the care given is person centred care, promoting independence and maintaining their dignity at all times. This should be achieved to the highest level to prevent any form of abuse coming to the individual being supported. Aii The duty of care affects the work of social care worker because it is a set of guidelines which outline what there job role is and how they can best support the individuals within the care setting to the highest level to prevent them coming to any harm. This could be from themselves or others so all tasks needs to be assessed prior to undertaking them to ensure the risks are reduced to the minimum level and that they receive the appropriate level of support. Aiii The duty of care is a guideline that is held within the care setting to ensure the care staff are aware of their responsibilities and know what is expected of them whilst they are promoting the well being of the individuals being supported. These guidelines are in place to protect individuals within the care setting whether it is a person living within the care setting or the support staff working within the organisation. Aiv Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding of individuals because it sets out the standards required to provide appropriate levels of care within the setting so that no harm comes to either the individual living within the setting or the staff supporting them e.g. complaints or accusations. It also means that there are risk assessments in place so that as far as reasonably practicable the risk is minimal compared to the benefit of the individual Assignment 304 Task B 1.If an

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