Introduction to Duty of Care

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INTRODUCTION TO DUTY OF CARE IN HEALTH, SOCIAL CARE 1.1 As a care worker, you have a legal obligation to adopt a ‘duty of care’ approach towards the people within your service. You are required to work in the best interests of the people using the service which includes maintaining their safety and wellbeing. 1.2 It is important to carry out duties that are in own job description and that you are competent. It is also necessary to regularly update own knowledge and skills in order to uphold and provide the care standards that are in accordance with the codes of practice of the care setting. This includes the use of any available resources such as hoists for the moving of residents and ensuring training is up to date by attending all relevant courses. We also have a duty to report any concerns in the care administered by completing relevant forms, such as accident / incident reports and the use of the whistleblowing policy if necessary. 2.1 It is important to distinguish the balance between an individual’s human rights without breaching health and safety issues which includes that of the individual, yourself as the carer and anyone else around you. An example of this could that whilst respecting an individual’s rights of choice to partake in an activity in which there is a high level of risk, then as a care worker we have a duty of care to ensure that the individual and others like the public and colleagues are kept safe by adhering to the health and safety guidelines that will be in place which could mean certain areas of the activity may not be able to done. 2.2 There are a number of ways to gain additional support and advice when needed. These could be through talking with senior staff or managers, you can speak to your tutor and you could also approach the quality care commission or even the appropriate council department. 3.1 Ensuring that I
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