Health and Social Level 2 Letter to a Friend.

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Introduction to duty of care in health, social care or children’s and young person’s settings. Task A Write a letter to a friend who is thinking of working in the care profession. In this letter you must describe: 1. What is meant by the term “duty of care”; 2. How the duty of care affects the work that you do as a social care worker. Hi *****, I’m so glad you are thinking of taking up a job opportunity in the care profession. In your last letter you told me you were researching social care as a possible future career and asked me what the term “duty of care” meant and how it could affect the work you do as a social care worker. I will try to explain as best I can and hope the advice I give you will help you with any social care interviews. The term “duty of care” in my mind best describes the way in which you treat the persons in your care. You should always be willing to be supportive to people in your care and enable them to live free from prejudice and keep them safe from abuse. It is your duty to do everything reasonable in your job role to make this happen. In essence, “duty of care” means you must provide care and support individuals within the law, including those defined in your employers’ policies, procedures and agreed ways of working. The company and you will have a duty of care to ensure that the service users you care for are safe and protected from abuse by other service users, staff, carers, friends and family. You will need to work within the safeguarding policies and procedures and it is important that you ensure you receive adequate training in order you can recognise and understand signs of abuse. You will be expected to record all relevant information when an accident or incident occurs in the workplace and it would also be your responsibility to report any improper conduct or suspicion that you believe could lead to abuse. The

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