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Assignment 304 Principles for implementing duty of care in adult social care Task A Supervision Notes As an experienced social care worker you have been asked to mentor a new social care worker. You plan to use a supervision session to explain about the duty of care and how this helps to protect individuals from harm and abuse. Prepare a set of notes to help you in this supervision session. In the notes, you must include an explanation of: Ai What is meant by the term “duty of care” Aii How the duty of care affects the work of a social care worker Aiii What having a duty of care means for a care giving organisation Aiv How the duty of care contributes to safeguarding individuals Task B Reflective account Bi Describe two situations which demonstrate a conflict or dilemma between exercising a duty of care and the rights of an individual. Bii Choose one of the situations and describe how best to manage the risks involved, explaining the reasons why this would be best practice. Biii Explain where a social care worker can find advice, support and information relating to conflicts and dilemmas in adult social care. Task C Guidance Notes Write a set of guidance notes for social care workers to help them deal with complaints. In the notes, you must: Ci Explain legal and organisational requirements for dealing with complaints. Cii Describe how best to respond to complaints from service users, other practitioners and the family of service
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