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Assignment 304 Principles for implementing duty of care in health , social care of children’s and young people’s settings Task A Duty of Care This is a legal term that refers to the responsibility and obligation of a person or organisation to avoid acts of omissions that are likely to cause harm to an individual or individuals by taking reasonable steps to safeguard them. Duty of Care and a Social Care Workers Role All social care workers have a duty of care towards individuals they provide care or support to within their role. Social care workers are expected to; • Put the needs and interest of those they provide care or support to at the centre of their practice. • Ensure what they choose to do (or not to do) does not harm or endanger those they provide care or support to. • Promote the health and wellbeing of the individual they provide care or support to. All social care workers are accountable to their employer and the legal systems. Duty of Care and an Organisations Role The organisations role is to provide the services or support that an individual needs or requires and to ensure those services or support are upheld by the legal systems and the underlying principles of care including carrying out appropriate assessments, liaising with appropriate others and maintain confidentiality. Agreed polices and procedures will also be in place by the organisation, which they have a responsibility to keep up to date and provide training to carer workers. Duty of Care and Safeguarding All social care workers are expected to raise any concerns they may have about any aspect of their role. It is their duty of care to safeguard individuals from abuse and be vigilant and aware of any potential risks that may put an individual in their care at risk or harm or abuse. Safeguarding polices and procedures should be followed and adhered to by

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