Hsc3 Assignment 304

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304 Ai. Duty of care is a legal term. It means that we are obliged to be aware of others wellbeing and taking reasonable care that nobody comes to harm due to our actions. Aii. As a carer we need to put the needs and interests of our residents at the centre of our practice and thinking. We need to meet their needs and assure they are not put in danger by using unsafe practice. Aiii. Within the organisation Duty of Care involves the resident(providing care, protect from harm, maintain rights, promote their interests), the residents family/friends and the organisation itself, including our work colleagues. We need to work safely, uphold the law, report concerns & allegations, maintain professional boundaries and maintain confidentiality. Aiv. Duty of care contributes to safeguarding individuals by protecting them against exploitation/abuse/neglect, uphold & value their rights, meet their emotional & psychological needs, manage risks and support in the event of illness/injury. Bi. Conflicts or dilemmas between exercising the duty of care and the rights of an individual can occur when - a resident that is prone to falls wants to go for a walk in the garden but all the staff are busy with care-giving and unable to escort them OR a resident’s family wants their mother to get up every day. One morning she refuses assistance with personal care and wants to stay in bed. Bii. If the lady wanted to stay in bed all day that would be within her rights. My responsibilities would be to encourage her to
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