Taqa Unit 301

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1. Explain the purpose of the following types of assessment in learning and development • Initial Assessment • Formative Assessment • Summative Assessment Formative Assessment Initial assessment provides the information needed to plan an individual’s learning and improve their chances of learning effectively. Without it, there are only assumptions. It’s always possible to make some predictions about learners from an application form or selection test, but it’s an insecure basis for planning. Learners themselves bring assumptions about learning based on the past, and some of these may get in the way of looking ahead to a new way of learning. Employers, providers and learners themselves all need to know more. Initial assessment is a vital part of the process of finding out. A good initial assessment process is done early on – in the first few days or weeks of contact with learners. This is different from selection – though information gained through the selection process should be useful during the assessment. ●Initial assessment is a process, not a single event and uses a range of methods which help prospective employers and providers to find out about learners. This process helps learners to find out about themselves and their programme (what they will learn, and how). The outcomes of initial assessment help to inform the individual learning plan (ILP). In fact, it would be difficult to supply all the information needed for an ILP without carrying out a thorough initial assessment. A thorough process is almost certain to involve all or most of these methods: ● Interviews – carefully planned and carried out by people who know what they are doing. ● Discussions – opportunities to talk informally with learners, for example while they carry out tasks or activities. ● Tasks and assignments – designed to find out specific
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