Icelt Task 3.2 Planning Beyond the Lesson

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******** ENJOY. HOPE THIS HELPS. AND DON'T WORRY, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO IT !********** Planning Beyond the lesson I. Introduction. Covering all the aspects and selecting the appropriate activities to develop language skills when teaching, could be a very challenging task for ELT practitioners as a result of many external factors such as: academic program, text books, materials or even facilities, reason why: “Thinking things through before you teach helps to reduce feelings of uncertainty or panic and inspires you instead with a sense of confidence and clarity.” (Woodward, 2001). I agree with this as the only way we can help and create meaningful learning is to foresee the activities that best-fit our teaching context and based on our pupil’s needs and interests. For this assignment, I will outline the plan and activities that I will follow during my three next lessons in order to give my students the extra practice they need to develop their language skills by using the target language presented in this lesson. I will also get into detail for one of these activities to describe the way I will organize the task along with the possible difficulties that my pupils might have during execution. II. Lesson Outline. This lesson was a grammar-based one, in which the main aim was to introduce how to compare or show the difference between two things using comparative adjectives and turning them into comparative sentences using “more” and “-er” ending + than. The main idea was to set an adequate context for them to discover how to make comparisons between two different things, so they could practice and extend the use of adjectives that was taught in previous chapter. While presenting the context of the lesson there were some aspects that limited the flow of the lesson, like trying to follow the lesson plan by memory or selecting a context that was
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