Counselling/ Counselling Ideas May Help to Cope with the Challenges of ‘Change’

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Counselling/ counselling ideas may help to cope with the challenges of ‘change’ ‘The more I am willing to be myself in all this complexity of life […] the more I am willing to understand and accept the realities in myself and in the other person […]” Rogers (1961). In order to tackle changes in a client’s life, it is important for the counsellor themselves to be self-aware and have an understanding of others’ values, beliefs and attitudes although they may conflict with their own. The counsellor is there to help the client adapt to these changes, helping clients to push out old information and take in new- this however is also an aspect of change which the counsellor has to help the client pursue whilst keeping ethical and professional boundaries. Changes are accompanied by strong emotions, both negative and positive and counselling is able to support the transition from one state to another. When looking at coping with change it is not possible to ignore some of the events which change our development, life events which cause significant change are called transitions (Jeffery, J in Aldridge, S & Rigby, S 2004). If these transitions are not prepared for, they can cause emotional difficulties or even physical illness. Counselling skills can be very effective at this stage as the helper needs to work out how to make the adjustment to these changes more satisfactory for the client, to lower the emotional distress. The counsellor has to first establish what kind of transition the client may be going through; Scholssberg (1989) in Aldridge, S & Rigby, S (2004) identified 4 different kinds of transitions: Anticipated, Unanticipated, Non-event transitions and chronic hassle transitions. Unanticipated transitions are unplanned and can be projected as a crisis; this was personally experienced when my parents got divorced. This was not in my control, was

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