Getting to Know Personal Learning Style

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Raymond L. Barreto Chang April 24, 2012 PSY 130 K. Falge Getting to Know Your Personal Learning Style I think my preferred learning style is Logical-Mathematical since I like Math and I also like to do put stuff in order. I like to work with numbers rather than words and like to look for solution to problems using logical reasoning. Also I like to ask questions to get to the root of the issue. I like puzzles; I also can estimate measurements and enjoy science experiments. Logical (Mathematical) Learning Style When it comes to understanding and remembering new information, you feel most comfortable when you use logic, reasoning, and systems thinking. Do you enjoy word puzzles such as crosswords or math puzzles such as Sudoku? Can you conduct basic or even moderately complex math computations in your head? Do you find comfort in setting a financial budget and/or keeping a to-do list and checking things off? Do you often rank-order the items on your to-do list? Do you find yourself sometimes identifying flaws in someone else's reasoning? If these statements describe you, then you have a tendency toward being a logical learner. A person with a logical learning style may often say these phrases: * Now that really seems logical. * It just makes sense to me. * The facts speak for themselves. * I am going to check that off my list. Implications for learning What does being a "logical" person like this mean to you as you attempt to learn new things? As a logical learner you are naturally inclined to want to understand something rather than just memorizing facts. This can be strength or a weakness. Use your natural curiosity to deeply understand the concepts in your courses, but don't allow yourself to get too bogged down in something that you do not understand. Some have called this "analysis paralysis." Recognize that at

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