Assess How the Development of Counselling Skills Affects Self Developemnt Essay

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M2- Self awareness is the ability to know myself, my abilities, limitation and what is my personality is like. Self awareness is a very important tool to have as it helps me to be conscious of my limits and areas for further development. It is hard to do this with a friend because we may not want the friend to know who we really are. Before we can professionally help others as counsellors, we need to be self aware. This is because of the nature of the role of counsellors. We need to be confidential, emotionally detached, empathetic and self aware. The ability to reflect or be self aware helps one to grow. This is because it will identify areas that are lacking and necessary for development. When this is done, it helps to create time to read, engage in more studies and develop. This will also help the client as i will be better at my job and carry this out in the way that it should be done. Due to the nature of counselling, I may be presented with issues that are challenging both personally and professionally. Being self aware helps me to assess my strengths, thoughts, feelings and to draw my own conclusions form meetings. It also helps me to support the client in exploring these areas in their own lives. There are times that I may experience similar issues with the clients but self awareness makes me to always remain emotionally detached all the times. As a counsellor it is important that I self reflect on a regular basis in order to improve our counselling skills and also to maintain professional standards. Self reflection is also knowing that I may need professional development in an area. This is needed so that I can be able to show unconditional positive regard, a non judgemental attitude and to be able to show empathy. Therefore it is important that I take time out to reflect in my performance and development. Self awareness can also be done in

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