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This essay focuses on the relationship of student and teacher in traditional form of study. This includes progressive study and challenges that both face at the same time. The essay discovers the opinion of two educationalist philosophers, John Dewey and Paulo Freire. John Dewey was an American psychologist, philosopher, educator, social critic and political activist. He was born in 1859 and died in 1952. He graduated from the University of Vermont in 1879. Dewey received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University in philosophy and his dissertation "The Psychology of Kant," was completed in 1884. He taught at a number of universities, including the University of Chicago and Columbia. Dewey has made the most significant contribution to the development…show more content…
According to Freire the “banking” concept of education is equivalence to the bank and the depositor. This concept explains the relationship between an oppressor and the oppressed. The teachers encourage the students to memorize the procedures and the facts about life. According to him the student doesn’t get the opportunity to explore their minds and fill inquisitive nature doesn’t get opportunity to mature. Freire criticizes this model because in his opinion the empty brains of students are filled with information coming from the teachers. The teachers are already oppressed as they don’t get the opportunity to make the curriculum themselves and they are just the provider of the knowledge, which is provided to them by the oppressors. In his point of view the aim of the banking system is to nurture the existing establishment by influencing them to accept the reality of the dominant society and make them into order taking machines instead using their own…show more content…
The students have been following the rules and orders given by the teacher without any questions or argument. The student is expected to follow the command even without knowing the full purpose of the command or any impacts and outcomes it may have. According to the followers of the banking system, students are not capable of understanding the real concept or true purpose of learning any specific lessons. For this reason, they must pass through the process of memorizing and then the true learning and implementation will follow after. The traditional system supporters say that learning consists of regular routine and “tough study”. Even if the final output of work or training is not understood, the guidelines must still be followed. The overall learning at the end will be useful irrespective of the student’s interaction or knowledge of objective – it is helpful if the learning was done with delight rather than being oppressed to the student. Many people are going against tradition as they say that a student must know the goal and objective in order to understand in a better way. The counter argument is that a student will learn as per his or her own understanding and a few concepts may be missed. The essay will seek to find the facts and reason why the traditionally adopted system is better or

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