ED 502 Week 2 Reflective Assignment

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Reflective Journal Corey Poitier ED 502 08/21/2012 Professor Bunker Reflective Journal As an educator, you are constantly always learning new techniques or strategies from readings or your fellow educators at the school. Comparing best practices that teachers employ to what is used in my classroom. The first comparison is about classroom arrangement. “As Fred Jones, a noted classroom management expert explains: “A good classroom seating arrangement is the cheapest form of classroom management. It’s discipline for free.”” (Dunbar, 2004). In my classroom, I would normally allow the students to pick their seats, before I rearrange the students into my personal classroom management arrangement. This allows me to see the personalities and…show more content…
They do not have any student input at all with them and they read like a laundry list. In comparison to the best practices, “Suggests that students should actively participate in the creation of guidelines governing classroom behavior. This belief suggests that students will support rules they establish. Best practices recommend minimizing the number of rules. Children have a tendency to recommend a laundry list of rules.”(Dunbar, 2004) In my teaching career, this is not a move I would recommend. I have taught at some tough schools in Miami-Dade County. More experienced teachers with classroom management skills, showed me their technique and it worked, but educators should always available to adapt to new surroundings. My consequences are all harsh and not mild they are effective, but I would like to establish newer rules.”Milder punishments are often as effective as more intense forms and do not arouse as much negative emotion. Misbehavior is less likely to recur if a student makes a commitment to avoid the action and to engage in more desirable alternative behaviors.”(Kizlik, 2012). I believe that I have a more to learn about classroom management and policy, especially dealing with punishment and consequences. The use of praise in my classroom management style might be good. In the use and way I praise students matched the use of best practices of more seasoned professionals. I have linked praised with student performance and instruction. Also, encouraging students that have been unsuccessful with the subject matter, does wonders for their confidence. “Attributes student success to effort and ability, implying that similar successes can be expected in the future.” (Kizlik,
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